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I have a friend with an office 365 consulting company. I’ve asked him what services he is selling clients and I didn’t quite grasp it. I’m a software developer in a different city from him and want to get into office 365 consulting. Does anyone know of some good blog posts listing or common types of services to offer potential clients (or if you could offer your perspective on what clients need help with)?
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As this company provides Office 365 services, generally your clients will require help to plan and implement Office 365, which consists licensing, and then migrating their data (Emails, contacts, calendars, documents) from another system to Office 365 or from Exchange On-Prem to Office 365.

After data migration, you might help clients to deploy office applications and plan & implement Office 365 services such as Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Microsoft Teams, OneDrive for Business, etc.

The client will also consult about planning and implementing Security & Compliance in Office 365.


You can find more information over here -


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Does the above answer helps or let us know if you require more clarifications?