Office 365 Business Plan 300 User Limit reached

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what is the correct way of licensing if a Customer reached the 300 user Limit in the Office 365 Business Plans. Is it necessary to switch all existing Office 365 Business plans to Enterprise? Or can the cusotmer still use a maximum ot 300 Office 365 Business Plans in his Tenant and have to order Enterprise Plans from the 301st License on?


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Hi @Thorsten Stiebig,


You have a limit of 300 Business Essentials + 300 Business Premium, after you reach that you will need to buy Enterprise Plans but you can continue to have Business plans also. 

@NunoAriasSilva - thank you for the below. With regards to a customer that wants to have 300 Business Premium and any additional licenses they may need can we then buy up to 300 additional Business Standard + Add-ons? 


The idea is we could use add-ons to get to 600 users that will have almost a business Premium license.

License make up of the additional (>300 users): Microsoft 365 Business Standard + Intune Plan 1 + AIP Plan 1. This would all be done on NCE. 


Thank you