Office 2016 MSI versus compare to Office 365 pro plus (C2R)

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Are there any Microsoft or blogs links that might explain the differences or limitations between these two versions?


The reason I am asking is we are having lots of issues with cached credentials (control panel - credentials manager) after an end user reset their passwords.    I am seeking any information if using the Office 365  pro plus (C2R) would make any difference to this current issue.


Thanks in advance

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@Eric Sabo 


As far as I know there is no difference in features.... the only difference is that of licensing... you may refer to the below article for more details....


Secondly about the Cached credentials issue, I have seen issues where you have to remove Old Cached credentials manually.. in case where Outlook keeps prompting for password... 


Moving from MSI to Pro plus (C2r) won't make a difference n that case.



Thanks for the reply - I am really hoping they fix the issue with the cached creds  @Robin Nishad