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We are planning to rename existing O365 tenant ( E3 License) from E.g ABC to XYZ. If anyone has done this kind of project. Please share the process for the same. All the mailboxes are on O365.


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Yeah, They have been talking about it for at least a year now that it's been being worked on. Didn't get an update at Ignite, but you cannot currently rename the tenant it would have to be a full migration which is def. a big chore.

@Chris Webb  is this still the case as of June 2021?


It's starting to finally roll out.


@Chris Webbthanks for the info, but seems the rename will have a lot of limitations and also will not affect the email addresses... so i think if we really need to do the rename then we have to do this by migrating everything from the old to the new tenant.. is this correct?


second question, the link you provided talks about what will happen to the Power Apps, MS workflow, but it did not mention what will happen MS Flow ? will they work after the rename?


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I was able to do a tenant rename directly thru the portal.
See my PR to the MS Docs.

Please share this long awaited feature.


According to Microsoft document you should NOT configure the new domain as the initial domain:


What do you think about this?

Won't your method break anything?


I pressed "Configure initial domain" and it gave "No access", although I'm Global Administrator:



@ArturAIM I guess this is a warning to not add multiple domains at once.


For one of my test tenants, it worked and presented next screens...
for my company tenant, gives this same error message...
For what I was needing, it resolved my case (I need to change initial domain from test tenant to allocate in company tenant)


The strange thing is that today my new domain shows as initial, although there was such error yesterday. But I think this might be because I have set this new domain as Fallback domain via Microsoft 365 Admin Center.

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