O365 Logo for dark mode?

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as described in the docs article to customize your organisation theme.

It should be possible to configure an "Alternate Logo" which is presumeably used for dark mode.

Did anyone got this to work?
I was able to configure the alternate logo but if an enduser toggles the darkmode on office.com the logo doesnt change. It keeps the default logo and never uses the alternate logo.

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I'm having the same issue as well.

I submitted a support request to Microsoft regarding this issue, and here was the response I received: 


Based on my checks, that feature is currently not fully functional. That is why you are experiencing the issue. The team is working on it, and once its available, it is automatically rolled out and back to full operation.

uhm well :(
So MS just releases this as a feature + respective docs article but its not even working yet.
it seems like the situation has improved a bit. Most O365 workload pages are now switching the logo, from Standard to Dark Mode and back.
Works on office.com, Forms, Sway, Yammer, "Word, Excel starting page"
Its doesnt work in Outlook on the web though...
So we're now a whole year later, and I am still seeing the same situation as @alex_ha19.

What's the happy haps on this, Microsoft?

Our Outlook M365 bar is pretty wrong looking with the black on black SVG, and I dread to think how it tracks for accessibility.