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We are in discussion on O365 migration, we are currently on-premise exchange 2013 and 60% our users currently using Windows live mail as mail client and pop3 as protocol with mailbox size is 100 MB.

In the o365 migration we planned to go for f1 or Exchange online kiosk plan for users currently using – “Windows live mail as mail client and pop3 protocol.


We required below clarity on this.

  1. Is F1 plan support pop3?
  2. Can we configure the F1 plan mailbox on Windows Live mail client or is only support for outlook?
  3. Delegate access for F1 plan mailbox,
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Yes pop3 is supported, Via exchange protocol it’s not! So if you need a desktop client and not using owa you can use the pop3 protocol
You can use any client also!

Read more here:


Using POP3 and Windows Live Mail is a really bad idea when you move to the cloud.


I might just tolerate the suggestion for an on-premises deployment when everyone is behind a corporate firewall, but when you move to Office 365 those F1 users are going to be on the internet and you're asking them to use an antique mail protocol from the 1980s and an antique mail client that's designed for consumer use. This is a recipe for hacker attacks.


As you're paying for OWA, you should use OWA and take advantage of the more modern protocols and the anti-malware capabilities built into the client. OWA supports offline use too. You can configure mailbox retention policies and low mailbox quotas to keep user mailboxes under control.


Seriously, it's time to move into the 21st century.

I do agree with @Tony Redmond



Thanks for your quick response. Yes we need to consider about OWA and one more clarity required on office 365 f1 is delegate access, What dose means ? screenshot for your reference.



Delegate access means that someone can't grant access to their mailbox (or a specific folder, like the calendar) to someone else. But as your F1 users use POP3 today, which hasn't a bull's notion of what delegate access means, they won't miss this feature.