No Sync of my OneNote notes since 6 days

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Unfortunately I have a small problem. Recently (about 5 days ago), my OneNote for Windows 10 no longer synchronises newly created pages and new notes on old pages. My OneDrive as well as my internet connection are working fine. After contacting Microsoft general support, I was directed to this page. While I would like to keep my notes, the latest unsynced pages wouldn't be too important in case they disappear during the repair.


Procedure so far:

-Notebooks show up in Onedrive under Documents.

-Old pages and section groups are displayed as usual, but cannot be further modified and then synchronised.

-Attempts to synchronise the notebook by right-clicking/Notebook have also failed.

-under the same problems occur as listed above


My operating system: Windows 11 (but already updated about 1 month ago and still working with synchronisation for 3 weeks afterwards).

Latest update installed directly after the release of OneNote for Windows 10... first still works and then no longer.

Alleged problem: E000283C

Also looked under Microsoft to see if my devices are still listed on OneDrive: yes.


Can someone please help me with this? The new pages have recently stopped opening at all.

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