need outlook365 in sync with gmail and iphone

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Forgive me but my email account skills are sketchy at best - For years I have had a gmail "family" account and a "personal" account where I rent the domain yearly and have all of that mail forwarded through the gmail account (I get roughly 1/2 emails addressed to personal, 1/2 to the family) did this originally for spam support - then it ends up in my outlook365 desktop client at home. This 365 client is configured with the gmail IMAP account. Things usually work okay.  There might be a better way to do this Lol?  Here is the problem: Since outlook is where I set dates and appointments I am hoping there is a way to sync those to the gmail account so ultimately those same reminders will show up on my iphone.  Does this make sense?  Can someone provide some guidance here thanks - Bill

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You can see google calendar by following below steps, may consider 3rd party tools if you would like to sync between google and Outlook


Thank you!