Need help on office 365 spam

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Dear all,

May you help please?

In our office we are using office 365 business.

Recently spam using one of our email user sent out without consent and he got lot spay trick to his email.

Mostly i see it sent to *** etc...

I changed the password and scan that machine but it still persist.. until Microsoft block his email that he not able to received incoming email unless we go to office 365 admin to removed his email out.


Right now this happens appear some of our people email, always use their email to sent out.. etc..

here is some of screen shot how it look like

May you help me to fix this please?

any idea please advise

Best regards,



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It seems like mail trigered automatically from One Drive's site ,Please check the One Drive Add-Ins and scan the One Drive files and Sharepoint Online Site files and Add-Ins.

And Check the One Drive sharepoint site whether it has been shared outside organiziation,

Vinoth K