Need Help Escalating a Support Ticket

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We are trying to migrate our Google Workspace Environment to Microsoft 365, we have had nothing but problems and issues with it and have had a support ticket open since Monday and have been making steady but slow progress.


(For context we have not been able to finish the GMail part of the migration as the process keeps failing with errors that I then have to fix and restart the process, wait several hours for the next error and repeat, each of these errors has been an inaccessible API in the Google API project we are using for the migration, I have asked multiple times for a list of which APIs I have to enable but have yet to receive any information on that).


This morning my ticket was reassigned to a new support agent who replied to me with this:


"After analyzing this issue you are facing, we see that the GA rights in google is not enough to establish an endpoint connections between the 2 servers.
Kindly reach out to Google support to assist further."
This is not the case as the account we are using has Global Super Admin rights in Google and after checking the permissions there are no entries where the account does not have Full Access.  I've responded asking for a list of what permissions we must have so I can manually check them.
Google Support tell me there is nothing they can do as we already have the maximum level of permissions assigned to the account.
I have responded several times to the agent asking for further clarification and to speak to someone who is an expert on the Migration process and can answer not only my questions around the current problems but also provide some assistance making sure we don't have the same disaster when we move over our domain logins (the domain is with Google but we want to use our emails to log into MS365 and have all our email handled by Exchange) and migrate all the Google Drives and Shared Drives.
I'm running out of time to get this sorted as we have a hard deadline where our Google subscription expires.
The entire process has been extremely frustrating and difficult, not at all what we were promised when we purchased our licenses.  I really need to speak to someone who specialises in Google-->365 migrations as I'm sure the process can't be intentionally this bad but my request to escalate the case on email have been unanswered and there isn't anywhere in the portal I can request a case escalation.
Frankly I'm at my wits end with the whole process.
Please can someone tell me how I can get actual help from Microsoft?
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