Money In Excel addin does not work in MS365 desktop app

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I have an Office 365 subscription and downloaded the Money In Excel template today. The template works in the browser version of Excel but not in the desktop version. I keep getting an "add-in" error and nothing I've done has resolved the issue. Even reinstalled Office 365.  Microsoft help was unable to resolve the issue and pointed me to the forums.


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Money in Excel almost worked for about a week.  I discovered the severe limitation of only one account per financial institution but even that had problems posting transactions.  I could see the accounts but no transactions were ever added.  Then, about two weeks ago, when I would load the spreadsheet, the Money in Excel pane would be blank.  I haven't found any help for this.  Uninstall/reinstall seems to make no difference.

@RayB45 I have the same problems too :(

Usually, the Money in Excel pane would work for Excel Online ... but even that's not working today. 

@raptorly  The Money in Excel pane worked at first on the desktop version for me.  Has anybody seen any posts that can explain why it has gone blank?

@RayB45 I have corrected the online Excel version. It now works properly. It worked in Google Chrome, but not the new chromium build Microsoft Edge. The add-in works after clearing all Internet history.


Regarding desktop, the Excel add-in works on my Surface Pro 4, but not my custom desktop PC. It would show that it's loading for 10 seconds before timing out with an add-in error: "This add-in cannot be started. Close this dialog to ignore the problem or click "Restart" to try again." Attempts at resolution have failed. Attempted included restarting the computer, repairing the Office 365 install, signing out/signing in with M365 account, reinstalling Office 365, and clearing trusted documents. I tried mimicking Excel settings from my Surface Pro 4 to the desktop, but have no success in getting the add-in to load. 

Mine worked for a month, now Money in Excel won't start up. It's amazing there's no answers for this issue. MS provides nice add-ins like this only to do updates and break them, then ignore issues and their customers. Back to searching for an answer.