Microsoft Retires the Board View from the OWA Calendar



The Outlook board view originated as Project Moca, an app to organize items from Outlook and other sources, then became the board view in the OWA calendar. That status lasted two years and now Microsoft will retire the board view from Outlook on June 26, 2023. It’s probably because Microsoft 365 boasts a surplus of ways to record notes in some shape or form. That, and the fact that hardly anyone uses Outlook boards.

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@Tony Redmond 

I am one of the few that relies heavily on the Calendar Board View. I like all tasks, calendars, and quick notes in one location. I am disappointed that this feature is being deprecated without an explanation or replacement.





Of course hardly anybody uses it. What better way to guarantee failure of a feature than to give it practically no exposure, promotion, or marketing. This is a pattern w/MS and it drives me nuts.

I have my board with calendar and 5 x to do lists open on a third monitor all day.


I can drag from to do lists onto a calendar. It was perfect! 


I've been looking for something exactly like this for years and now they are going to take it away? I was expecting them to make it better not kill it off.


It was a great way to expand on their to do app.


I'd happily pay $10 a month just to have board view back... 


Is there anything else out there that anyone can recommend to replace board view?



Yes, I depend on board view as well, I agree about the minimal exposure approach explaining the low uptake- I only found about it by accident; Board view is an excellent basic tool, it gave me everything i needed without requiring the time and $ investment required for projects or planner

@Tony Redmond  I too used the Board view, and I am very surprised.  What are the other way this can be done?  I have used other party project planners, but this held everything together that was effective and efficient.

I found this feature a few months ago, and have loved it. For me it's a way to having a list of daily focus, and sticky notes of encouragement - away from my planner tasks. Because of it only being in OWA calendar, and not in the Windows app, I was even considering switching to OWA for a month to force me to see what other features were web based and to force me out of my Outlook habits. I'll just have to find a alternative way - just trying to do everything in Microsoft365 that I can, rather than involve too many other apps.

I just started using it a week or so ago and love it, any replacement ideas? @Tony Redmond 

I'm afraid that I have no good ideas about a replacement. That's up to Microsoft to decide...
I think its crazy Board View is being removed. In my mind this is a revolutionary feature, very early in its adoption. People are just starting to adopt to Outlook Web, and they will become board view users once they see it. it is that simple. Great tool.

I too only recently discovered Board view, and have found it game changing. I can't believe their taking it away just as I was starting to rely on it.  :(

am looking at open source alternatives for the kanban board functionality and have used the free version of jira), these are useful but don't offer the same ability to leverage your existing outlook resources like msgs' tasks, calendar etc. I guess that is lost . MS planner is the next level up that offers kanban boarding but the relationships between OWA calendar and tasks and planner are one - way - the other way - i.e from planner to outlook. Planner is not free with basic office 365. You can do something useful with one note, ( can create tasks from there and organise a workspace incorporating those tasks), I know people that work that way. But basically I think the individual is taking a hit here.
I only just discovered this today! Spent 5 minutes thinking this is a great new feature, only to find out they're removing it... What the?????:face_with_tears_of_joy:

@Tony Redmond I just learned about this feature 2 weeks ago.  I absolutely love it.  I wasn't a heavy OWA user, but this feature alone has convinced me to use OWA over the desktop app.  Bad call Microsoft!

This is a game changer for ADHD people to keep focused and organized. I too, found it accidently while playing around with Microsoft. I have been using it daily for quite a while and found it to be essential for optimal function. Why take something away that benefits so many? At least leave it on the web view so we have the option to keep it.
I also only discovered the Board view relatively recently (maybe 2 months ago) and have since become highly dependent upon it for being able to visualize my calendar and to-dos.

I seriously hope that MS will reconsider deprecating this view, as it is a truly excellent productivity tool and it one that I have come to deeply love.

@Tony Redmond 


This seems pretty shortsighted on Microsoft's part, and they seem to be removing a feature before the vast majority of Microsoft Exchange users can use it.


Currently, the board view is only available in OWA and not in the current release of the Outlook client on Windows desktops. Until a few days ago (and now gone), it is only available in the new Outlook client, which is only available to Office Insiders. Most Insiders are NOT using the new Outlook client as their go-to email application because it still misses critical features like opening a calendar invite, availability of .pst files, Shared Mailboxes and adding external email accounts other than Gmail.


Board view needs an Inbox widget with at least the primary inbox, but preferably with an aggregate inbox of all (or user-selectable) inboxes since we already have that view on Outlook mobile clients.


Want to increase adoption:


  • force the board view as the default start page for all OWA and desktop clients
  • populate the default board with inbox, agenda, My Day task list, notes, tips and weather
  • make this page available in Teams

@Tony Redmond Unfortunate decision on Microsoft's part. I found Board about a year ago and it's very useful. Most people I've shown it to love it. 

Low adoption seems a marketing/promotion issue. The tool really makes Office on the Web better.

@Tony Redmond it would almost make sense to just incorporate some of the calendar features from Board View (the different calendar and integrated components) into Microsoft Whiteboard - and have that be the place for these things.