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I am wondering if I can BCC automatically two emails so when I respond to an email my other two partners can see what I am sending out.

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@Konstadinos Siskidis I am not sure if it's doable in Outlook however it can be achieved using a Transport rule from Exchange Admin Center in O365.


Transport rule can be something like: If the sender is "your email address" and subject contains "RE:"

Action would be, "bcc the message to.." select your partners account and save the rule.


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But I do not know how to go about what you are suggesting.


@Konstadinos Siskidis An admin in O365 can create a rule for such a situation. if your mailbox exists in O365, then whomsoever manages your accounts can create a Transport rule with the conditions I shared in my last message. You can refer to the below article, if you want to know about mail flow transport rules in Exchange online: 

Hi @Konstadinos Siskidis, you have to create a macro or add-in for Outlook or buy a ready-to go tool.

Google for "Outlook autoBCC".