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I have just bought a mac book pro to replace my desktop PC. but I shall be retaining my Microsoft notebook. I have many microsoft word and excel documents which I use and apple numbers and pages does not "cut the mustard." I have downloaded office 365  which I have used for a week or two and am due to either cancel or pay the subscription. I do not and will not use powerpoint, one note, and outlook, so all I need is to have access to and alter my word and excel documents. I would prefer to use a word and excel app rather than try to adapt my usage with numbers and pages. At present I have 2 copies of office 2019 and 2 licences, one for my desktop (which I am replacing with the Mac, and one for my notebook which I shall continue to use. Does anyone know if I can download office 2019 for Mac using my existing licence held, or if not, how I can download an app for the Mac for just Microsoft word and excel for a one-off fee, which would seem to me to be much more economic.

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