Microsoft 365 retention policy not visible under user

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Hi all,


I have turned on in '' a retention policy for location 'Exchange email' for 'All recipients'. This policy is on for 4 days now.


When I check one of my users with:

Get-mailbox -identity | Format-List *hold*

I see:

InPlaceHolds: {}

I would expect something like:

InPlaceHolds: {mbxcdbbb86ce60342489bff371876e7f224:1}

Which is described in Here


When I check the policy with:

Get-OrganizationConfig | Format-List InPlaceHolds

I get a value like:

InPlaceHolds : {mbxcdbbb86ce60342489bff371876e7f224:1, grp1a0a132ee8944501a4bb6a452ec31171:1}

To me it looks the Microsoft 365 retention policy do not work, even the policy says in the compliance portal 'Enabled, (Success)'

Do anyone knows how I can fix this?







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Location-wide policies ("all recipients") are not stamped on individual mailboxes, only on the org-level container. That's the expected behavior, nothing to fix here.

@Vasil Michev Many thanks, so only if I exclude one user from the organization-wide Microsoft 365 retention policy it will get an value like '-mbxe9b52bf7ab3b46a286308ecb29624696'?

I just checked, if I exclude an user from the retention policy (org-wide), it gets an value at InPlaceHolds object "-mbxcdbbb86ce60342489bff371876e7f224"