Microsoft 365 Family Custom Domain messed up by MS Teams Invite

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I have a legacy custom domain (e.g. which I initially linked to via Outlook Premium several years ago prior to the service being depricated by Microsoft, and transferred into a Microsoft 365 Family subscription. The domain is not registered or hosted by GoDaddy and has continued to work flawlessly. I have been able to log into all Microsoft Services using ( and setup email via Outlook desktop app and Android email clients.


I received an external guest invite to MS Teams through my custom domain address (e.g. It asked me to enter a new password and appears to have created an Azure AD domain for my custom domain, together with a user under Azure AD account for


Outlook and my Android email clients now want to connect to the Work & IT login for rather than my personal microsoft account As I don't have email associated with Azure AD it doesn't work.


Email is still sending and receiving through to my account via my custom domain, however the autodiscover DNS CNAME now isn't working so Outlook and other mail clients can't get the configuration information.


When I go into Manage Premium through and select Personalized email address, it shows the error message We couldn't connect the domain to Outlook. Cancel setup and try again.


I don't want to cancel as I'm concerned that it may further mess up my custom domain, and I won't be able to use it via without transferring it to GoDaddy. I also have a bunch of user alias set up with is a legacy feature that is no longer supported and I don't want to lose that.


I've changed my primary account alias in back to my old hotmail login, and I can now at least connect via Outlook and other mail clients using the hotmail login.


Microsoft support have been pretty useless and have bounced me around all over the place. It's a struggle to get to chat to anyone.


Is there a way to fix what has been done or am I pretty much stuck with it now?

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@adrianvesnaveryou could perform an admin takeover for the Azure AD tenant and remove the domain. The "internal admin" takeover should do it:

Thanks for the suggestion. I'm assuming that if I remove the domain then I will lose access to the MS Teams site as there needs to be a Azure AD tenent for my domain so that I can login?

@adrianvesnaver, removing a domain does not remove the tenant. After removing a domain, user(s) can still use the @<yourtenant> domain.