Microsoft 365 F1 license having problem in setting up

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We are rolling out F1 license 

I know that with F1 license we don't get mailbox, but we found that we are able to send email to these users.

When an email is sent, we get message Delivery has failed to these recipients or groups

How can we stop this ? What are the best practices here ? Where can i get more information on this ?



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I'd avoid calling anything related to F1 "best practice", it's a stupid decision MS made on this. I mean the service description literally tells you to ask the users to not login to the mailbox, genius! :)

Anyway, if you want to avoid getting NDRs, you can create a mail flow rule to silently drop any messages addressed to said mailbox(es). There's a sample rule here, simply adjust the conditions:
hey thanks for the reply. i am not an expert here in exchange, but what i understand is that when user A sends an email (e3 license or having a mail box) to user b (f1 license no mailbox) , how can i identify this use case and customise the msg that this is not supported?

this can be done by creating a rule in exchange online?
Take a look at the article above and the references therein. Exchange offers a robust mail flow rule engine which allows you to "capture" such messages, redirect them, or prevent delivering them altogether.
We are faced with the same issue. Have you been able to find a "good enough" solution?