M365 licensing with shared account

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Hello All,


I have a question about the devices shared by multiple people in an organization. They all use the same account to login. The use case is the workshop computers or machining department.


What license should I give to those devices. I have more than 5 computers so I can't use business premium license. Office is only available for 5 devices with that license. I don't want to create personal account, there is to many users and they are not familiar with computers. Like 30 users for 15 devices. They need to access to the mechanical plan, picture and word documents.


The devices-based license is only for EA or EAS. The company is not concerned with that licensing.


How can I handle this case?

Thank you for your time and your answers

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Shared Computer activation (usage) requires M365 Business Premium, E3 or E5. Check the M365 Service descriptions for full details - https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/office365/servicedescriptions/office-365-platform-service-descript...
In short Office is licensed PER USER, not PER DEVICE. If you want Office per Device licensing you'll need to go EA. If you plan to allow multiple users access on a single machine they each must have M365 BP, E3 or E5 assigned to them to allow shared computer access.