Is there any way to set an external user send as or on behalf of an Office 365 group?

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Hi everyone,


Can anyone please help me this case? I created a team site and invited an external user as a member. That creating a team site give me an email address by default and we will use this email address as a generic one.


Now we want all members in this group can send email with "send as" or "on behalf of" features in delegation setting, but seems these features are just be able to be applied to internal user as the external user is not shown in the drop-down Contact list.


Is there any solutions for that? I've also searched Shared mailbox and Distribution list but seems we cannot add external user in Shared mailbox, and I've been still reading up the Distribution list.


Appreciated for any advices,



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No, unfortunately you can’t do this since guest users aren’t licensed for exchange online which limits their possibilities regarding this..