Is the ability to edit calendar invites never returning?

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A few of my colleagues and I were of the understanding that the ability to edit calendars would be returning with the monthly update (Version 2309 Build 16.0.16827.20166).


But after having my user run the update feature and having them restart, they're telling me they still cannot edit calendar invites.


To rule out anything else that I could... I've rebuilt the user's profile, ran a full office repair, disabled add-ons, and ran windows update.


The only thing I haven't tried (because it's disabled by our company policy) is rolling back the version of office to a previous version, though I think mgmt might be open to that.

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Please confirm any changes such as permission.



Sorry about that...


Yes, our problem user has confirmed that their supervisor has enabled 'edit' calendar permissions.

Is anyone else having this issue... or has it been fixed for all of you with the latest office update?