Is it possible to save and reuse Voting Buttons in Outlook emails?

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Is it possible to save and reuse Voting Buttons in Outlook emails?

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Hi @Chase_Properties 


I would suggest you to use Microsoft Form that is a great way getting feedback for your users.


Regards, Faraz Shaikh | MCT, MIE, MOS Master, Excel Expert

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Hi @Chase_Properties,


what do you mean saying  "save and reuse"? 

Please describe in details.

Thanks for the message Victor. What I should’ve asked was “Is it possible to save and reuse CUSTOM Voting Buttons In Outlook?” From time-to-time, I send an email to a tenant or investor (I work in real estate) and I want to get an idea of their satisfaction level with my response to their inquiry/concern. I would love to be able to attach Voting Buttons to my response emails (5-Very Satisfied, 4-Satishied, 3-Somewhat Satisfied, 2-Dissatisfied, 1-Very Dissatisfied) to glean our investors/tenants satisfaction with our responsiveness to their concerns. However, the Default Voting Buttons don’t fulfill my need and it appears that you can’t save the “Custom” Voting Buttons that you create (as you would imagine, recreating the scale above in Voting Buttons just takes too long). I would love to insert this “poll” at my choosing into any emails I send to investors/tenants but it is too arduous to recreate each time I email them. It would be great if I could save/reuse CUSTOM Voting Buttons. Hopefully this clears up what I am hoping to do.

Hi @Chase_Properties,


understood. Here you find quite ugly workarounds. 

I'd hire someone to create an add-in for Outlook that implements this functionality.