Is it possible to print images from an email in Outlook 365?

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I've tried to do my own research and I don't see a definite answer. The situation is one of my contractors will send me pictures of his original paper invoice form he wrote out on site while doing the work. I'm ok with this but I need to be able to print the picture out so I can import into other systems. I have been unable to find a way to print just the picture and need some help. Using File > Print or Ctrl+P will just print the email not the picture even when the pic is selected.


Currently, I have to copy the picture out of Outlook and into Word or save the pic to my desktop and then open it in a viewer/editor to print. Is there a better or at least easier way to do this type of print? I'm very surprised we don't have some type of option to print just the picture instead of the entire email.


Thanks for any help anyone can provide.


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I am an independent advisor investigating this inquiry.


In Outlook for the web (OWA) I was unable to implement a direct print image using Ctrl P as you had described. This behavior is different than Outlook Desktop which uses the Quick print feature.


Desktop: If you are an MS365 subscriber, you can right-click on the image and then select Quick print



OWA: Complete the steps below.


  • Hover over the image and click on the drop-down menu
  • Select Preview
  • Teresa_Cyrus_3-1660075967548.png


  • Once the preview pane appears, you have the option to Print the image only. If you have more than one picture to print, you must repeat these steps.
  • Teresa_Cyrus_1-1660075066317.png


Give Feedback: I encourage you to give Microsoft feedback to add the Quick Print Image functionality. This way, other users can vote too.  I was surprised that this request was not mentioned already. 


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