I want an alternative to Windows 11 moving forward....

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I've been using Windows 10 for a ridiculously long time, I recently tried out a Windows 11 PC and the file explorer and OneDrive integration was extremely annoying. The worst part about the file explorer was that many of the functions I used on Windows 10 with the right click was hidden behind the "more options" on the right click of windows 11, which essentially opened up the Windows 10 right click menu behind it. The whole Windows 11 experience felt like a really bad skin cover up over a Windows 10 computer. The "open new desktop window" was ridiculous. I really feel like it's more difficult to be productive with windows 11. I make music with my P.C. and I edit videos, and I also browse the net. 


I do think it's possible that I got a fake Windows 11 PC from a refurbisher on Amazon, but if Windows 11 really was what I tried out, I definitely think there should be an alternative to Windows 11 that doesn't have so much "AI" integration.


One of the simplest things I do on my Windows 10 is utilize the drag and drop function between file folders on Windows 10 to copy them between two folders, I do this by opening two instances of the file explorer, it's super nice for file management and for some reason windows 11 felt way more difficult to manage files if I remember correctly. Also, in Windows 10 there was a way to change the view of the programs or files either as icons or as a list. For some reason the file explorer in Windows 10 never remembers my options for each folder and I have to constantly change it. Like, if music files were always displayed as a list with lots of metadata, and pictures were always displayed in file explorer with medium or large icons, everything would be great. The point being, I do a lot of things manually in Windows 10, and the Windows 11 PC I tried felt like it was made for children. Only other problem I have with windows 10 is the PC options screens are needlessly complicated and hide too many setting behind underlined/highlighted text from the windows menu on the bottom left, I actually think Windows 7 had a better P.C. options screen. 

Basically I think there should be a alternative to Windows 11 that is a bit more "old school" for people who like to do things more manually. I'm 26, I've been using Windows 10 for over 6 years now, I've gotten a lot of creative projects done with Windows 10, Windows 11 does not appeal to me at all. Now I'm in a tough spot because I don't want to use windows 11, yet functionality support is ending for windows 10. Although one time I booted up in safe mode and it said my O.S. was Windows (R), which is weird because I always customize my desktop theme to have a dark background and Red highlights... Am I currently using a Windows 11 alternative called Windows (R)? 


Ok this has been a tech rant/info barrage.

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You may keep you current version to see whether updates of Windows 11:


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