Hybrid Exchange relay connector - adding new IP

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we are hybrid with 365.  our copiers and servers relay all emails through onsite Exchange server to 365 using connector.

our internet went down, so we switched to a backup internet connection.  we have added that IP address to the connector on the 365 exchange admin site, but email is still holding on the exchange server.

is there something else we need to do?

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you need to update your MX record at the DNS registrar and point to the new IP address.

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did that, and updated our firewall to allow that new IP out over port 25.
but we have not received ANY of those emails, and they do not show up in 365 quarantine, nor show up as failed in 365, or delivered. could they just be delayed and we wouldnt see them?
is your DNS record updates was propagated publicly, sometime DNS changes take up to 48 hours?

also check the message queue in the exchange on prem servers if you have emails stuck in the queue.
nothing in the on prem exchange queue now, and I changed DNS TTL down to 10, but still have not received them.
check your MX records value if its updated publicly using the https://mxtoolbox.com/
mx record resolved to ms 365 ip
currently you're not able to send or receive any new email?
not through the exchange relay connector. all users mailboxes are fine, but the servers and copiers that send through the relay connector , those emails are not arriving.
ok try to user the Microsoft Remote connectivity analyzer it may help you realize where your emails are stuck when relying to O365.