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Howto add onedrive for business to file explorer

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For some reason only my personal onedrive is visible in file explorer. Can somebody please explain me how I can get my onedrive business drive visible in file explorer.


I haver more then one computer on my other computer it is visible but for some reason I can not see it on this computer in file explorer.


Thank you very much.

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All you need to do is click on sync button and sync files to this PC. Please refer article below.


Thank you, I just have one question I do not want to sync I just want acces to the drive through file explorer. Is this then still thev way?

You can try below options but Onedrive Sync Client is light years ahead than webdav stability and secuirty wise.


or script below

There is no "Sync" button in File Explorer. Obviously there's something more that must be done.

Hey there, I was looking for the same thing because I was unable to find the OneDrive for my business account too. I believe the solution you are looking for is in the following link:

Sync files with OneDrive in Windows (

If you get a error telling you that OneDrive is already installed. Even better. Because that means you only need to add the Microsoft365 or Office365 account. 

To add the account to the existing OneDrive installation hover your mouse over the taskbar.

Step 1. Click the OneDrive icon next to the clock.
Step 2. Click "Help & Settings" and click "Settings" from the drop-down menu
Step 3. Microsoft One Drive properties pop up will appear. Click Add account.

The OneDrive icon for the second account will appear on the taskbar next to the personal OneDrive icon. 

I hope this helps you and resolves your issue @Pepijn van Beusekom 

Thank you, but this does not sync it to your file explorer
I used to be able to have my business onedrive on my file explorer but I got a new computer and and not it will not show up and I can't sync it to file explorer. This is important because I can't save attachment from emails easily. I have to download to my laptop and upload to my the proper folder. The upload feature when you right click on an attachment just gives the general drive. it doesn't neatly store it in the proper folder on one drive.
Ever figure out how to view the files in Explorer? Same issue for me. New computer and only get a Personal view and can't figure out how to add the work locations.