How to Grant Everyone/All Authenticated claims to external users in O365?

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From March 23rd, after Microsoft updating the behavior and governance of access by external users in Office 365(, Is it possible to grant access to external users like earlier?


Earlier, we have given Forms Membership with Contribute role to a SharePoint list, which helped external users to add items to the list. With this change, the external users are not able to access the list anymore.



			<pnp:BreakRoleInheritance CopyRoleAssignments="false" ClearSubscopes="false">
				<pnp:RoleAssignment Principal="c:0!.s|forms%3amembership" RoleDefinition="Contribute" />


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I learned that the Administrator can change the behavior of these groups after the Microsoft had made the change on the external user access.

The following link will be helpful.


One more observation is that - The change might not reflect immediately. It took 4 hours in our case after which it is working as expected.