How to get Word to open Maximized every time

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This should be something simple but I find with the various Microsoft 365 updates, the desktop apps sometimes just get really goofy in their behavior.  This is a simple thing, hopefully.  When I open Word, it pops up in a half-maximized state, with the Editor screen open, pushing my actual document even further out of view.  All I want is for Office apps to always open maximized, every time.  


To be clear, I never, ever, work on documents that are not maximized.  No exceptions, it's just a habit, I always maximize every window I work in.  So why must Word, Excel, etc., be so dumb about this?  If I maximize a Word window, work on the file, and close it, at the very least it should remember my last view preference.  But no, it just opens again in the non-maximized view.  Been putting up with this for years, just kind of ready to smack something lol





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Hi @ViProCon1035 ,

You can do this with editing for example your shortcut on your desktop.
That's an easy task, everything is explained here:

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Thanks.  Tired all those, no luck :) I notice that when i close Word, I see it go from Maximized, to that half-screen/partial view for the flash of a moment before disappearing.  I'm sure there's a registry setting for this somewhere.  Or some sort of Read-Only setting maybe om a default template file or some such, I don't know.  

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The answer turned out to be that Word was open elsewhere in another virtual desktop (same computer, you know when you do Windows + Tab keys). That was Maximized as well, but apparently it just being open, prevented changes to the other window sizing from staying permanent. Doesn't make much sense, but basically, upon closing the other Word window, and then manipulating the remaining single Word window to the desired size, it then retained that and was properly sized upon re-opening.
Glitchy behavior to be sure, but at least it's fixed.