How can I turn off the OFFICE 365 TIPs?

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I don't know what triggers an OFFICE 365 TIP, but I want to prevent them from appearing in the message bar. How can I do this? I've included a screen snip of one from Excel that I get all the time, and that I hate. These things are so annoying.



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@iamjamieqYou should be able deactivate this in the admin center.


In the preview, go to Settings > Services and Add-Ins. Find and select Microsoft communication with users (name might be slightly different). Then disable the option in the flyout.

@Daniel Niccoli  Assuming you mean Office 365 Admin Center, is there by any chance a way to turn them off without admin access? Or do I need to speak to my IT manager?

@iamjamieqThere is an old thread about this, but nothing new to learn:


You're probably out of luck.

@Daniel Niccoli Ugh. Thank you. It is infuriating how little information there is about these notifications online. Basically next to nothing about them.