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We have a request from our corporate leadership to hide non-primary AD accounts from Teams search.


Many of us in the IT team have multiple accounts (i.e. privileged access to certain platforms, developer accounts).  The request is to have the ability to hide non-primary accounts from the directory/search.  These accounts don't have email licenses, never log into Teams, etc.  There used to be a "Hide from GAL" option in Exchange.  Looking for something similar for AAD/M365

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@MikeHaleLH We desperately need this as well. We have multiple Teams/Non-User accounts listed in the Teams directory that need to be hidden. We also would like to be able to hide all contacts in the "Calling" section that are not assigned a phone number, if that's an option (to be able to manage the "Calling" contact list separately from the "Chat" contact list.


@CMedley67 We have the same issue in our organization.... Two different companies (domain names) with a handful of Senior Managers having an email from both domains.... so they show up twice in Microsoft Teams and other Directories.

The problem really lies in Teams for us... as the auto-fill of the search bar only shows the name and not the domain associated so nobody can reliably tell which account to use for Chats.

We don't license the "privileged" accounts for teams. So those accounts do not appear in chat .. but they do appear if you are adding a team member. That seems to work for us ok since the naming convention clearly shows which is a regular vs 'privileged' account.

Our requirements is the same as the first request:
1. Our privileged account don't have licenses for Teams but they show up in the Teams addressbook
2. the accounts do not show up on the Exchange GAL
3. The naming conventions makes it clear to those that know which account is which
4. Our regular users don't care/understand the naming convention and just pick the first one that shows up
5. Because of the lack of license the account shouldn't show up
6. An Exclude from GAL flag will work, even if this is a PowerShell only feature, the set of privileged users is small (2-5% or workforce)

Thanks for considering this feature


So can clarify your IAM under AAD manage?

Try set “ShowInAddressList” Azure AD User object property to false.
Here is my research on this: https://vladilen.com/sharepoint/hide-non-personal-account-from-microsoft-365-search/