Handheld Barcode Scanner with Excel for iOS

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I'm using a handheld scanner (Symbol DS3578) that is connected via bluetooth to Excel on an iPad Air 2. I have the scanner setup to append a return key (basically pressing the Enter/Return key) to the end of each scan to eliminate the need to interact with the iPad screen between scans simply to get to the next cell. I need to rapidly scan in short numbers (1-3 digits) into thousands of cells, however it appears that something is causing Excel to exit “Edit Mode” prematurely, truncating the number scanned.  It doesn’t do this consistently which leads me to believe there may be some sort of race condition involved.  I've tried increasing the intra-keystroke delay on the scanner to the maximum with no observable effect.  Removing the return suffix eliminates the problem but forces the user to tap the green checkmark button to commit the cell or tap return on the iOS software keyboard after each scan, which is incredibly inefficient.

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I am having the same problem.  I have an iPad 5th Gen and a Teemi TMCT10.  I notice that other apps, such as Word on Notes on iOS seem to have no problem reading from my barcode scanner.  It must be something with the Excel iOS app.




I've had the same problem, the scanner typing the codes too quickly for excel to process. I have honeywell xenon 1902, which has configurable typing rate, so I set it slower and now excel is handling it well.


I have looked at manual for your scanner and found the same setting. It's "HID Keyboard Keystroke Delay" on page 63. After setting it you should see the scanned codes being typed slower. If not, try disconnecting the scanner or turning it off and on again.


The xenon has also interfuncion delay (for the return key and others). Check if your scanner supports configuring the return key for CR/LF/CR+LF, that might have an effect on the excel app.

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@kevdougful I have a similar issue where when upc is scanned with handheld scanner it does not populate the entire code. I have tried the setting of ultra low speed with no success and sporadically it does capture the whole code. any suggestions on what to try would be greatly appreciated.