Forward External Emails to Office 365

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I have two domains in my ownership as below.

1: (hosted on

2: (hosted on office365)


I want to forward all emails to As there is no option to forward emails on to Office365 so trying to find alternative ways.


What is the possible solution for that?  Any suggestion would be highly appreciated. 



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Hi, can you not add the domain in Office365 and change its MX records to point to xyz mx record in office 365.
@Magic1704 Thanks for your response. is an email service provider just like or I am unsure either I can add this domain in office365 or not as I have limited access of DNS entries. I can only change MX and some A records. Can't change NS records.

Can Office365 connectors help me ?
for how many users?
4 emails of are hosted on needed to redirect to one mailbox hosted on Office365
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Configure them in outlook and create a rule to forward / move all the email to the cat@xyz