External email warning taking over notification window

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Hi guys,


We have our 'Caution this is email from outside of our organization' safety banner configured and running for some time.


The question is that when an email notification pops up from Outlook/Windows the whole notification is filled with that caution message so the end user can't even see the opening lines of the email that's come in.


It seems to frustrate a lot of our users but I want to find out if there is a solution or not before I can confirm if this is the way it will stay.


Thank you.



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Hi Slevin,

To answer your question, could you share some more information with us? Can you show how you configured this banner and exactly what the result is?

@JosvanderVaart thank you for your reply.


Attached are screenshots of the notification example as well as the config in O365 admin portal.

Hope this gives you more information to help.


Thank you.