Existing .xlsx file shared from OneDrive – how do I add macros to it?

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I've just been on an hour-long chat with customer support, who didn't know anything about this. They sent me to this forum. Hope you can help.


I have an active Microsoft 365 subscription. I have an xlsx file in my personal OneDrive: 'Macmillan Game Project scoping.xlsx'. This is already shared with other people. I now want to add a macro to this spreadsheet with Visual Basic Editor. When I try to save, it won't let me. It says I have to save a copy of the file with a different file extension that supports macros. If I do this, I'll need to update the shared link with everybody in all the places it appears. I'd much rather keep the old link and somehow add macros to the existing file.


A search online suggests that I can do this with something called 'Trust Center'. Apparently this is found under File > Options. I'm on a Mac. My Mac version of the desktop app does not have File > Options. When I open the file 'Macmillan Game Project scoping.xlsx' from my OneDrive in a web browser, I can find File > Options, but there is no Trust Center there.


My question is: do I really need to save a copy of the .xlsx as .xlsm and update the shared link to the new file? Is there not another way of adding macros to the existing shared .xlsx?

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How about to open the 'Trust Center' option in Excel option?

@Kidd_Ip I'm afraid I don't know what this means. By 'Excel option' do you mean perhaps 'Preferences' in the desktop app Excel menu?

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If so, there is no 'Trust Center' there.

This is bafflingly opaque. I don't know what you mean.