Excel Printing Format Issues

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I'm not new to Excel and have the latest version via Office 365. I'm contracting with a company who provided their own invoice which has worked fine since mid-June. Today I went to print my invoice for my files and suddenly I'm only receiving the output in Landscape orientation.


I checked my printer settings (Epson Workforce 545) and all was set properly for portrait printing. I checked page layout and everything is set to portrait, fit to page and all the standard items. I've never changed any settings. I made sure my printer has the latest settings/drivers, I've rebooted the printer & computer. Back & forth and the spreadsheet refuses to print in portrait even though all the settings are set to portrait.


And assistance would be greatly appreciated.





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I have this exact same issue. I reiterate Betty's statement, any help greatlt appreciated!

All page layout options are locked on portrait, 8.5 X 11. Margin and landscape are locked out and cannot be selected.