excel and word forMac

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I am not sure what I have to do to get an answer to my query. I have tried to get in touch with Microsoft help but cannot find where to contact. I have tried the tele helpline but it no longer exists ,I have tried www,helpmicrosoft.com chatline and nobody answers and I have tried this community and have not had an answer. This is not a criticism of the community but I don't know where to get an answer. my question is this:I have recently downloaded office  on my Mac book Pro, having replaced my desktop PC for the Mac. I have office on my notebook pc which I will be continuing to use regularly.
I also have 2 copies of Home & Business Office (with obviously 2 licence numbers) which I had for each of my notebook and desktop in the past.
On my Mac I will be using excel and word only and I need the ability to update excel and word files and create new ones. I will not be using powerpoint, one note or the outlook app on my Mac. Therefore it seems a huge expense for me to subscribe to Office  on my Mac for little use. I am due to pay for  (following 30 day trial ) on April 11th, and I would like to know if it is possible to download (eg. from the apple or Microsoft app store ) and app purely giving me access to excel and word on my Mac. Alternatively is it possible as I am no longer using Home & Business  to somehow download that for my Mac with the license number I hold? I have had to revise this post as it would not allow me to mention the versions of office that I have including the subscription one currently available which ai have on my Mac


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