Emails not getting delivered to remote domain

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Hi.  We are a school and our emails are hosted by IINET. We recently subscribed to Microsoft 365, mainly for Word, PP, Onedrive & XL, but we want our exchange to contine being hosted by IINET, and we use IINET Webmail or Desktop Outlook for emails.


Everything is working fine, but sometimes a staff member will inadvertantly use M365 Outlook (instead of Desktop Outlook or IINET OWA)  to send an email to another staff member, so M365 never delivers the email externally to IINET.  


I parttially solved the issue by using the ADMIN centre to remove Outlook from all users M365 Home Apps menu, and now the only problem I have is when a user shares some content with a staff member - the email notification stays in the Microsoft environment and never gets routed externally to IINET. 


Would a external connector to IINET Hosting would help get around this - any suggestions ?


Thanks !

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