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We have changed our domain name with our web host and now require our MS 365 subscription to reflect the new domain name in the email addresses. Currently the domain we use with MS 365 is rather cumbersome. In a nutshell, we had some issues when we first went on board with MS 365 for Business subscription through Microsoft and transferring it from our MS 365 subscription through GoDaddy. I ended up having to use an old domain name and then attaching our current domain name to use as the email addresses so as to reflect our current business name.


We have since lost our domain name hosted through GoDaddy and have had to create a new domain name with them. We now require changing our domain with MS 365 to reflect the new domain name.


The current domain name is XXXXX. Our current email address domain is The new domain name is


Is it easier/better to try and clean up our current subscription or to cancel the current subscription and sign up for a new subscription and import the old mailboxes over. We currently only have 4 email addresses.

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That's up to you. Generally speaking, all you need to do is verify the domain within M365, then assign it to user's UserPrincipalName and EmailAddresses attributes. You can leave the old address as secondary alias, in order to avoid issues with replies to older messages.