Disposition review: client error

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Hello, according to the disposition review documentation Users need: Disposition reviews require an Office 365 Enterprise E5 subscription.


I have aquired Microsoft 365 E5 trial license and applied to the account.



when logging into disposition review website at

I receive this error: clienterror.PNG


I am able to dispose the document in question after dismissing the error. I am not able to review disposed items though. Please help. 1st line support says its a licensing issue but the user meets the licensing requirements. 

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forgot to mention: user is in proper groups



Give it some time, if you are still getting the error open a support case.

@Vasil MichevThanks for the reply Vasil. The license has been applied for a week now, as part of troubleshooting with Microsoft. 


Their next steps were for me to buy a real license instead of trying to use a trial license. When I disagreed on their strategy they closed the case. 

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Lol, well that's one way to solve a ticket :D


I haven't seen any document mentioning that trial licenses cannot use disposition, so I still think the issue is something on the backend and it need to be looked at by someone from MS.

@Vasil Michev I just reached out to the team lead and asked him to reopen and reevaluate the steps offered in the ticket. 

@Robert WoodsI am testing out Retention Labels and have the same client error message as yourself - my account is in the correct roles and has the correct licencing. Did your issue get resolved? Thank you.

@EmmaLewisMHPA for us it was the need for Office 365 E5, we were trying to apply with Just EMS E5 which was insufficient. We did a trial through the portal of O365 E5 and users stopped getting an error 1 day after assigning the licenses.