Dark mode on android office app works on phone but not tablet?

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Hello, I am going to be using the office app heavily on my Samsung galaxy tab S7 at university this year and dark mode is necessary for me as my eyes become very sore on white screens.


My google pixel 3xl has dark mode and it works flawlessly running android 12 and build number 1.01 (16.0.14827.20124) it starts automatically if dark mode is enabled and I have the theme option present in the settings in the app, however my Samsung galaxy tab s7 does not have this feature (it does not start automatically with dark mode and there is no theme feature in the settings of the app under display preferences) It is also running android 12 and the exact same build number

1.01 (16.0.14827.20124)

Google pixel 3XL

Pixel 3XLPixel 3XL

Samsung Galaxy tab S7

Galaxy tab s7Galaxy tab s7




Steps I have taken to try resolve this,

1) Updating everything on tablet (google play version, security, general android updates)

2) Clearing cache and data uninstalling, restarting and reinstalling from google play store newest version

3) downloading from galaxy store instead of google play store

4) Joining app beta in android version google play store

5) Logging out of school account etc

6) made sure dark mode is enabled on samsung galaxy tab 7 system settings

7) downloading clone apk from pixel 3xl with dark mode and installing it on tab s7

8) even tried launching it in split screen and pop up windows to see if that would trick app into thinking it is a smaller device and changing ui to phone ui and possibly unlocking option


It is driving me mental as it is the same Microsoft accounts on identical app versions on the same android versions.

There have been other forms of Samsung tablet users who also do not have dark mode yet. Only thing I can think of is that is due to some ui optimisation from the larger screen of the tablet, as the settings option itself appears differently to the phone version along with some other things, (appears as pop up in centre of screen rather than using up entire screen like it is on phone.

I have also uninstalled cleared data and cache and re installed on my pixel 3xl setup app identically to tab s7 and the option is there. Same google play account and same Microsoft accounts. Please help me resolve this issue as this app is essential to me and I've been told I can't use this app for extended periods of time with my eyes, my current only solution is to use a colour inverter in accessibly options which breaks a plethora of elements.


I posted this on another form and was told to post here would really appreciate some help or a work around, no matter how janky. I tried using the force dark mode in developer options and even that didn't edit the look of the page which normally brute forces dark mode in unsupported apps. This seems to be impacting all Samsung galaxy tablet users as I have found multiple other form posts all from tablet users, would really love this to be fixed. Especially considering I bought this tablet due to the collaboration Microsoft had with Samsung for these tablets to improve compatibility and productivity. Just to find a basic feature is excluded from them.

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Is dark mode set on your Galaxy? - https://www.samsung.com/au/support/mobile-devices/using-dark-mode/


Also, maybe you can try setting the whole device to grayscale which I do on iOS. You can create a button sequence to quickly turn it on and off if needed. Surely the Galaxy has the same option? That way the device will always be in 'dark mode' no matter what.

I also have this problem. This is such a basic Feature.

Im having the same issue @michaeljury 

Have you found any solution to this?



@Xander314 sadly not, have just decided android for many reasons other then this is not useful for more then a phone OS. Got a asus flow x13 instead.

Unfortunately I faced this problem 2 years ago with my old Galaxy Tab S6 and now facing the exact same problem with my new Galaxy Tab S9+ and I am truly amazed that Microsoft still ignoring this problem and even fail even reply!

This also doesn't work on foldable phones like the z fold.


Come on guys! 


I have recently bought a Doogee T30 Android tablet and it will not display the Theme option in Word settings. For people with vision issues this is something Microsoft really ought to get fixed.