Creating a shared mailbox in new added Domain

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I have recently added an additional domain to our Microsoft 365 tenant.


I now want to create a shared mailbox for that new domain.  It lets me create the email address and select the new domain from the drop down for the new Shared Mailbox and successfully applies.  However, when I search for the mailbox in the list, it is not listed.


Am I missing something?

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Hi Seth,

It's quite common to experience a delay when creating new resources in M365, including shared mailboxes. Sometimes it might take a while (read minutes) before they appear in the admin centre due to propagation delays.

Either wait 5 mins and check again or if you really need to check you could use the ExchangeOnline PowerShell module.

@Seth Holek 


It take time to reflect on your tenant after action, to my experience, you may try to logoff and logon again admin center to check again

@Seth Holek 


OK, got it to work.  I wasn't missing anything, M365 just didn't create the mailbox.  If you hit 'Create' and the dialog box disappears, mailbox is NOT created.  Just to check, I tried again, and the screen asked me to create delegates, etc.  So that's all it was.  Thanks!!