Confusion with Microsoft Login

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I'm using my work email to log on to Office 365 from my laptop following an upgrade to Office 365.  As a separate issue, my laptop keeps asking me for a password for my personal Microsoft account (I think that this is for Microsoft Apps).  This account is linked to my personal email address.  There isn't an option to choose a different email address when I'm prompted to log on for this.  Is this going to be an issue?  If so, what could I do to correct it?

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When are you prompted to log in for the personal account?

Is it in Outlook or where?


Make sure that you´re logged in to your work account in Office-applications -> File->Office Account and it shouldn´t be any issue with the connections for sharepoint, onedrive etc.

It comes up on the sidebar.  It only pops up every few days.  "You need to sign in to your Microsoft Account .........".

Which sidebar? In Windows 10?


Do you have MFA on your personal account?

If you go to settings(in windows)->Accounts-> Is it any issues with your account there?

If you mean that you have a matching personal and work IDs, you should remove the alias from the personal account. This is no longer a supported/recommended scenarios as detailed here: