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Hi all,


I'm really confused..... :(


I have a couple of users with Microsoft 365 licences and their W10 laptops are added to the Azure AD. They are logged into Onedrive and also have sharepoint sites synced locally.


All of a sudden though when they receive an email attachment (i think from another 365 user only) they cannot save the file locally. When they go to save an Excel spreadsheet they have to choose 'save to onedrive' basically, anywhere else generates the following error


"You can't save Work files here. Please choose another location, or change the file to Personal."


I have read somewhere that 365 is capable of forcing you to save to cloud storage only but I didnt want to enable this immediately and i absolutely cannot find where this setting is applied.


Any ideas?!



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Try Change the extension and try to save first and then revert the extension in original format  e.g xls to csv and csv to xls