Can;t activate MS 365 on my laptop Error 0x801901f4

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When I try to activate my MS 365 a window opens asks for my email address and then my password - then receive an error message 0x801901f4 - I have reinstalled W10 and MS 365 still get the same result. I am able to login to my MS account on the internet - Any suggestions. I have called MS support, who say they will call my back which doesn't happen. I have been trying to resolve this for two weeks



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Rereading my post - it should read ... and then BEFORE my password....

Still amazed that 2 weeks no contact from MS



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If only I could get that far -  I wish I could offer some help. My only route to solving this is to try something else - I have telephoned Microsoft support - I have counted them 38 times!!! I have installed LibreOffice. My next action is to try to get a refund.



2 August 2020 - Update

I have now spend numerous hours speaking up to tier 2 Microsoft support techies - and I am no further forward with being able to login to my Microsoft account profile or activate my Microsoft 365. I have been instructed to re-install W10 six times - after the first re-install I did try to establish what was different on this re-install than the other one. Each techy assured me that this would 100% would fix the problem - none did, all that has been achieved is wasting mine and Microsoft's time! Surprisingly, one techy said that a search of MS knowledge base had little information on 0x801901f4 - I suggested trying Google as there were thousands of entries for that error. 

My little Dell Inspiron is now running great WITHOUT a MS profile and without Microsoft 365.  

The problem has now been escalated to Tier 3 4 days ago - nearly 5 hours of telephone support from 2 different techies, and still no solution !