Authenticator App - Deletion of Account

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To access my office 365 email I needed to download and setup the authenticator app. 

The account on the authenticator app got deleted and now whenever I try to sign in, I am unable to verify the login request. I am unable to re-setup the account on the app asks for a QR code which I am unable to get via office 365.


Is there a fix for this? 


Sidenote: Microsoft have the WORST customer service. I've called 365 support 7 or 8 times (case number 22483459) and I get no response. I've been on the call for 1.5 hours...all they mention is that they are escalating the issue. Will never ever buy another Microsoft product again...sticking with Apple...

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normally when you enable the 2FA on Microsoft it "force you" to have a number and an email linked to disable MFA in case of emergency, so can't you disable MFA and reconfigure it with the app after ?