Any way to hide or shrink message header in Outlook 365 preview pane?

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Outlook used to have an option to hide and/or shrink the message header in the preview pane. I can't find anything similar in Outlook 365. Is this feature really nonexistent? The header takes up a giant chunk of real estate on a laptop screen -- nearly 1/3rd of the screen's vertical space if there are attachments and then the add-in bar. 


If this doesn't exist in Outlook 365 as-is, has anyone found a workaround, plugin, or other option so this much space isn't wasted with useless information (since the header information is redundant to what is already displayed in the message list)?


If there is no solution, can we get this on the company's radar? I don't understand why they would go backwards on such a simple usability feature. 

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Great question. It's been a year since this was posted and still no reply. I found it when searching for the exact same thing - how do I get Outlook to stop showing the stupid headers in emails? Like google with their ever increasing grab for screen space at the top of Chrome (bleh!), Microsoft also seems to be in a quest to take up more of our screen space by lot letting users permanently hide all message headers in the read pane.