AIP Sensitivity Label with custom permission does not appear in Word Online App


We have an AIP UL Sensitivity Label where users can assign custom permissions.

This Label appears in the Office Desktop apps of the users and works perfectly.

Now a user mentioned that he cannot see this label in the Word / Excel Online app.

I was wondering how the custom permission could work in this Office Online App scenario since the dialogbox to assign the custom permission is as far as I understand provided by the AIP_UL client.


Do label with custom permissions work with Office online Apps?



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yes, this is enabled, i see all my other label that do not have custom permissions in the Office Online Apps.
You've made me curious, so now I have to try. Will update later.

@franckma Hello again, sorry took some time as I have plenty at work. This is from my test tenant in Word online with a custom permission only set to "view" (i.e. not using any preset permissions template).




Perhaps need to walk through the limitations or re-publish the policy?


thanks Christian for following up on this.
I am not sure we are talking about the same configuration.
I configured the custom permission label according to the screenshot attached.
I am wondering, since there is nothing i can configure to have it on "view".

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@franckma Hello, I see. I don't use that setting and should also explain your issue.


"SharePoint and OneDrive can't process encrypted files when the label that applied the encryption has any of the following configurations for encryption:

Let users assign permissions when they apply the label and the checkbox In Word, PowerPoint, and Excel, prompt users to specify permissions is selected."


In the drop-down, the other options become available when selecting "Assign permissions now".