After updating Excel to version 2108, hotkeys are performed too fast to be recognized

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Greetings, unique issue here:


After updating to Office 365 Version 2108 (August Release), I am experiencing issues with hotkeys in Excel. When trying to hotkey opening the file explorer and saving in Excel (alt + fao), the first two keys (f, a) are executed, however, the final key (o), which opens the file explorer, is inputted too fast and doesn’t generate.


At a fast speed, the input is too fast for Excel to generate the final step (“o”). You can recreate this manually in version 2108 by doing hotkey (alt + fao) at a quick pace, you will generate "f" and "a", and then receive a pinging noise as "o" cannot generate. 


Has anyone else dealt with this issue? It can cause significant problems if you’re on this version of Excel and have any hotkeys in programs/code that opens the file explorer.

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