Adding a Whiteboard to a sharepoint site

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Hello!  I'm new to this community and hoping to get advice on how to add Microsoft Whiteboard to a new Sharepoint site.  


Thank you!

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Microsoft Whiteboard is a standalone service that can't be added as a widget to SharePoint pages. The best that you can probably do is link to a Whiteboard you create via a URL or embed that URL into a page as Whiteboard is available via a browser. The real focus for Whiteboard is to integrate directly with Microsoft teams, since that is the collaboration service of choice these days rather than SharePoint. Whiteboard files can be exported to JPG and SVG once complete and uploaded to SharePoint libraries but for now live Whiteboards live in their own space. However, MS is moving this storage to ODFB if memory serves.
Thanks so much, Robert!

@Robert Crane , hi, what about a whiteboard widget in Sharepoint?

@antoniocordeiro I still see no whiteborad widget in SharePoint pages



Doesn't seem to work. Of course, that would be the one thing that would make it useful.


I'd add a text box and call it a Whiteboard.

I use whiteboard and would love to have this in a communication site or sharepoint site for bigger project. Then I am able to use it as a landing site for the project and then have files and whiteboards related to that project displayed.