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hi, so i tried to research this online and found no solution to my specific problem.


i have gathered some data on the following: we have 3 types of machines at our firm:


small medium and large.


i have an excel file with each order containing names, quantity, machine type (s,m,l) and the weeks they are being produced (1-53)


now i would like a chart where on the x-axis i see the weeks and per week 3 bars (s,m,l) that show the added up quantites on the y-axis


this because there can be more than one data input on the (eg) small machine in week 35, so these need to be added.


i attached the file i'm working with, without cutomer names and such, just the data that needs to be worked with in the graphe,


i also attached an example of what i could like it to look like, just so you have an idea of what i mean ( a picture says more that a 1000 words right?!)


please don't just make the graph, i really need to know how to do this, also this work list changes and i want to be able to add data aswell



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Hi @arno_alleman 


Hope you are doing well. Your requirement fulfill. Please find the attached file.


I would like to mention a No Code Data Visualization Tool for the purpose to get insights from your raw data. Hope you will like it.


You can check here for Microsoft Excel & Office 365.


And if you are comfortable with Google Sheets, you can find here.


Thanks :smile: