126.com mail send to outlook server has error

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I am a postmaster of Netease Inc, we are the biggest personal email service provider in China, we provide email services at domains including 163.com,126.com,yeah.net,vip.163.com,vip.126.com and 188.com.


recently, We have received feedback from many users that their mailbox cannot be sent to Microsoft mail server,and outlook,hotmail.such as:


from: mgy33006@126.com
to: fourstarca@outlook.com
time:2021-05-14 09:33:26 +0800 (CST)

error message:rcpt handle timeout,last handle info: Can not connect to outlook.com: 


Are there relevant professionals who can help me contact Microsoft's technical support?


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from: violetkds@126.com
to: zhouxin@geekplus.com.cn
time:2021-05-18 00:07:43 +0800 (CST)
error message:rcpt handle timeout,last handle info: Host geekplus.com.cn( command EHLO respond timeout or disconnected

this is another error message,There are still a lot of this kind of error messages, I think there is something wrong with the Microsoft mail server